Leather FAQ

FAQ: Tell me more about the leather that FOTO uses.

All FOTO products are made with high-quality, vegetable-tanned, genuine leather. Vegetable-tanned leather is very strong and will beautifully show its wear over time. Gaining character comes naturally to this leather as it is fairly raw and only has a slight protective finish on top. Every hide is different and vegetable-tanned leather will darken over time and is susceptible to scratches. We recommend avoiding water and anything with grease will leave a permanent mark.

FAQ: How do I care for my FOTO leather?

We recommend applying an oil based coating to pre-treat the leather to help it maintain it's high quality look. To clean/maintain the leather, we recommend cleaning and polishing the leather up to twice a year with a leather cleaner and a soft rag (you can contact your local leather goods repair shop if you would like to learn more on how to polish and clean your leather).

FAQ: What about the leather you use in the Designer Collection?

Distinct from our other FOTO products, the Designer Fotostraps are made of genuine pebbled leather. We intentionally chose a softer, more feminine leather for this line that feels both luxurious and durable. We recommend treating it like you would a nice handbag. Avoid water, grease and store with care.

FAQ: How do I care for my Fotostrap Canvas?

To care for the fabric part of your Fotostrap, we recommend spot cleaning with a generic fabric cleaner, such as Tide-To-Go pens (definitely avoid fabric cleaners containing bleach). Only use water if necessary and in small amounts, but be mindful not to get the leather wet as this could stain the leather.  


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