The Fotostrap Fit

FAQ: What is the fit of the Fotostraps?

The Lux, Classic and Skinny camera straps have been designed specifically with a comfort fit and hangs lower on the photographer than your average camera strap. These straps offer the option to be worn cross body, around the neck or on the shoulder. A key component of the Fotostrap and Skinny is the ergonomic leather shoulder pad to increase comfort, as well as, protection from back strain associated with carrying a camera. Our straps are also designed with 5 adjustable holes for further adjustability. As soon as you put on your strap, you can adjust the fit to your height and size and find the perfect length for you!

Our new Designer Strap is industry length, offering a shorter strap option. The Designer can be worn on the shoulder, around the neck and in some cases cross body.

FAQ: How do I put my Fotostrap (Lux, Classic and Skinny) on my camera?

FOTO is dedicated to camera safety and we want to ensure that you are using your camera straps correctly. For your convenience, we have created a short demonstration film on "how to put on your Fotostrap." Please take a minute to watch this film and make sure you have put on your Fotostrap (or Skinny) correctly. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail us at and we will be sure to take care of you.

FAQ: How do I put my Designer Fotostrap on my camera?

Our favorite feature of the Designer Fotostrap is it’s easy snap and go feature with brass swivel snap hooks and brass split rings. Check out this video below to see how easy it is to outfit your camera with the Designer Fotostrap.

FAQ: Will your camera straps fit my camera?

The Fotostrap and Skinny are designed to attach directly to most professional DSLR cameras. The leather attachment portion (7/16'' wide on the Fotostrap, 3/8" wide on the Skinny) is designed to fit snug to prevent unnecessary jostling of the camera. For cameras with smaller attachment portions, you can purchase durable split ring adapters at your preferred online or local camera shop.

FAQ: Can I remove the shoulder pad?

While the shoulder pad can easily be removed and interchanged on the Lux and Classic Fotostraps, the shoulder pad on the Skinny was not designed to be easily removed. There is no shoulder pad on the Designer Fotostrap.


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