Ultimate Gift Guide for Photographers

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Photographers | FOTO Blog

01 // DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera from Amazon

Help your photographers achieve those enviable aerial shots with this quadcopter drone from Amazon.

02 // Humans of New York: Stories from Amazon

Inspire your photographer with the heartwarming work of Brandon Stanton in his #1 New York Times Bestseller collection of human interactions on the streets of New York.

03 // Pixelstick from thepixelstick.com

Unleash endless creative possibilities with the newest technology in light painting by giving your favorite photographer a Pixelstick. 

04 // Instagram Friendly Books from Artifact Uprising

Thoughtfully congratulate your photog with a collection of photos procured from their Instagram printed in this lovely book format from A | U.

05 // Personalized Fotostrap with business logo from FOTO

Wow your photographer with this unique and personal gift from FOTO. Adding their business logo to the genuine leather shoulder pad is only $8!

06 // Woodstock Backpack from Kelly Moore

This versatile and sturdy bag from Kelly Moore is the perfect solution to your photographers' travelling needs.

07 // Fanny & Alexander Heirloom Wooden Toy Camera from Little Goldie

This heirloom wooden toy camera from Little Goldie will look adorable on the neck of the little protégé following in your photographers' footsteps.

08 // Camera Cookie Cutter Set from Photojojo!

Gift this cheeky kitchen accessory to your favorite foodie photographer (and invite yourself over for some camera-shaped cookies).

09 // Canon Camera Lens Mug from Photojojo!

Long days of editing call for mugs-full of coffee so gift your photographer with this fun mug from photojojo that looks like a real camera lens!

10 // Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic from Lensbaby

Invest in your photographers' image repertoire by adding this lens that creates powerful tilt shifts to their collection.

11 // 2016 Bestseller Bundle for Lightroom from Pretty Presets

Gift your new photographer with this bestselling set of Lightroom presets to help make their editing processes more seamless.

12 // Vintage Camera Organic Infant Bodysuit from Scoutmob

For the expecting photographer, gift their newest sweetie with a vintage camera onesie from Scoutmob!

13 // Shootsac Lens Bag from Shootsac

Assist your photographer by giving them a helping hand: a camera lens bag designed to be worn on shoot and keep lenses secure. 

14 // Intro to DSLR Photography Online Class from Brit + Co

The perfect intro for beginner photogs, this online class from Brit + Co (and others like it) make a thoughtful gift for the artist in your life!


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