4 Things You Should Consider When Shopping for Corporate Gifts

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Corporate gifting is an age-old tradition of connecting with clients, employees, and prospects that gives your recipient a tangible object and lasting impression of what your business is all about. Your gift sends a message about your company (it's quality, values, success) and sends a message about how much you value the recipient. You don't want to lose a client to a competitor that gives better swag and you don't want to lose an employee because they don't feel valued or appreciated at special anniversaries or holidays.

For these reasons, shopping for these gifts is so crucial. And in a sea of catalogues and gifting websites, this task can be daunting (especially if you don't have specific criteria in mind while scouring the web).

We've come up with a simple formula for choosing a great corporate gift. Simply find a product that achieves three out of four (or ideally all) of these criteria: branding capability, utility, quality, and socially conscious. 

1. Can I put my logo on it?

This one is kind of a no-brainer must-have. Branding and brand recognition are HUGE when it comes to courting your clients and promoting your business. The ability to put your logo on a product exponentially increases the value of that product as it in turn becomes a marketing tool for your company. [Tip: Choose a product that complements your brand and promotes the quality of your business. Yes, you can put your logo on a stress ball-- but what message is that really sending about your business?]

2. Will our client/employee actually use it?

Like most things in business, corporate gifting is an investment. You want to be smart about the way you spend your money and what kind of product you are spending money on. If you spend time and resources on branding a product with your company logo, make sure it's something your client and employee would get some use out of so you can ensure that it's not going to end up hidden in a junk drawer. [Tip: Consider the median age of your recipient and choose a gift that isn't gender-specific (or find one that comes in options for male and female).]

3. What is the quality of the product saying about our company? What is it saying about how much we value the recipient?

Gifts send messages. First and foremost they present a message to the recipient about your relationship and how much you value them. If you're going to go the extra mile to give a gift, make sure you are giving the right kind of gift and one that sends a positive message. You want their reaction to be in the "Wow- I can't believe they went to so much trouble. What a beautiful gift- it's so nice. I wonder how much they spent on this." category. A great gift will reflect well on the company; it will leave a lasting impression on the recipient and can be the gesture that really wins over their loyalty. [Tip: Throw in a personal handwritten note with your gift to make it even more special.]

4. Does this gift serve a greater good? Can my money go further purchasing from one brand over another?

Consider how your bulk purchase alone can be a gift to the company you are buying from. Are they a new or developing brand that would benefit from a corporate order and business relationship? Is the product Made in America? Can you feel good about where the labor and materials come from? Does the brand participate in a giving back model of business (and therefore can your purchase go further to help a greater cause)? Consider how much greater it is to gift when you know that your purchase itself is an act of generous giving and choose to be a business that goes above and beyond to support social causes. [Tip: Although this criteria might increase the price point, corporate gifts are tax deductible in the United States up to $25 per person]

So where can you find a gift that meets all of these criteria? 

FOTO products can be branded with your logo, are functional (and have a timeless design that men and women use), are made with genuine leather in America, and give back 10% of proceeds to the Dallas-based non-profit Fotolanthropy, which produces stories and documentaries that tell inspiring true stories of people who have overcome adversity. We are passionate about personalized products and meaningful gifting and would love to help you regain confidence in shopping for and purchasing your next corporate gifts.

Visit our Corporate Sales page for more information and email us at sales@fotostrap.com for pricing levels! We would love the opportunity to help you give more meaningful and higher quality gifts to your employees and clients this year!


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