What if time was on YOUR side?

Time. What a precious thing that yet is so fleeting.

Time. A concept that we tend to try to grasp and race and get frustrated with.

Time. Something that is never enough and what humans try to manipulate and extend past its intended purpose.

Time isn't to blame here. What if time was not the thief we thought it was?

Maybe it was what we filled our time with that could be pulling us way from the things we deeply long to do. Maybe our devices, our to-do lists, our poor stewardship of time or the raging discontentment. Maybe it is the obsession of work, unrelenting strife for perfection, or fixation on how things used to be. Maybe it is the enslavement to all the things that don't matter- the things that don't give life.

Maybe time is a gift, and the way in which we managed it is the thief. And maybe it is not too late, maybe there's still enough time.

Enough time to steward it well.

Enough time to learn to be intentional with your moments.

Enough time to learn that the time we enjoy is not wasted time.

Enough time to learn that time is your greatest asset, most valuable resource.

Enough time to learn how to open your eyes and look up and see all the ways in which this gift of time is well spent.

Resources made just for you...

We asked our team what is their favorite way to spend their time; here is our CEO's answer:

For the month of March, we will be exploring this topic further, digging deeper into what it means to achieve “time well spent” personally, professionally, and relationally. Check back in to explore this topic with us and learn what the rest of our team considers time well spent!

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