March Encouragement + How to Cultivate Time Well Spent

The afternoon hump is real. This time in the day can be hard to regain focus and motivation to stay true to the task at hand. Distractions can take our attention, but what if we can cultivate a couple of mindful practices to spend our time well?

Set the Tone

Create an environment that allows your to be inspired, to be present and to be productive. Maybe that looks like lighting a candle, opening up the windows, playing music. Set the phone down and hide it out of your sight. Whatever it is, it signals to you to be present and ready.

Brain Dump

Write down everything that is tugging at your mind. Then make a game plan for the things that you need to complete and the things you want to do. Often times, we have many things swarming our minds anywhere from tasks that we need to get to, groceries that need to be picked up, kids to be played with. Our day can handle that- so write it down then prioritize.

Make a Plan

As you begin the day, take your brain dump and prioritize what needs attention. From there, make a plan for the day, lean in, and be kind to yourself if it all doesn't get done.




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