Mother's Day Gift Guide – FOTO
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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Let's get a head start on celebrating the mothers in your life. The team at Foto has you covered-- we gathered some great things that will honor your mothers well.

01 | to wear

Lake Pajamas starting at $94

02 | to keep

Marte Locket by Linjer $106

03 | to display

Artifact Uprising starting at $19

04 | to grow

Magnolia Clay Planter $54

05 | to express

Letterfolk Boards starting at $30

06 | to carry

Maedn bags starting at $128

07 | to go

Rothy's starting at $125

08 | to capture

Fotostrap starting at $124.99 and use code: MOM20 for 20% off any camera strap

09 | to remember

Wayfaren keepsake boxes starting at $95

MOM20 Code

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