The 3 Most Powerful And Underused Ways To Nurture Your Brand

The 3 Most Powerful And Underused Ways To Nurture Your Brand

There are many choices and opportunities in life that you are called to steward. It can become overwhelming to decide on what needs tending to. But a little bit of nurture changes everything.

Joanna Gaines writes, "making space to nurture what fills me up so I can give my best to the things in my life that I want to see thrive more than anything. To let little good take root so that I can be someone who gives something life."

You've heard foto talk about the importance of elevating your brand. We believe that it is important work to take the time to pay attention to that area in your business. But, the heart in your very own company can become weary and exhausted if you don't give it the proper care.

We have three ways you can nurture your brand.

1) RESTRestSometimes the best thing you can do for your brand is let it reset.

I know, I know, this can seem really scary. "What do you mean I need to let it rest? This is my job and I can't say no to a wedding or a family session. What if I miss out on a really great opportunity? I depend on my business." But what if you took a month or two off of shooting? During that time, you took a breath, did something that you miss doing, maybe just sitting and reading at a coffee shop instead of editing. Going on a walk, making a meal with friends, the options are endless, but it takes courage. Taking intentional time off from your business will take preparation work but will allow you to come back with more excitement, creativity, and perspective.


Invite a diverse group of people that can speak into your brand.

The term "board of directors" may seem daunting. Simply put, it is a diverse group of people you can rely on for support and guidance to provide new and different perspectives as you face challenges throughout life. Think about the different areas of your life and see if you have the following people that can guide you in this journey of your business.

Board of Directors Examples Could Include:

  • Someone in your field (in your profession or industry)
  • Someone who is in or has been in your circumstance
  • Someone who is one of your greatest cheerleaders
  • Someone who has and is ready to critique you (your decisions and actions)
  • Someone who is a leader in the area you aspire to grow or succeed
  • Someone of another generation (person from a generation older and one person from a generation younger)
  • Someone who can introduce you to others (in your profession or in your community)

3) Give it a FaceliftFacelift

Revamp that logo and write your new story

It is fun to give your brand a bit of attention every once and while. If your budget allows, hire someone to help you rebrand and shape your story. Even if the budget doesn't allow, update your photos in your portfolio and write a few blogs of recent shoots you've done to give your audience new content of yours… you can even update your camera strap to a Fotostrap with YOUR business's branding personalized on the shoulder pad.

May you take the time to nurture your brand and let the good things grow.

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