The child that inspired the start of a global mission-based brand

The child that inspired the start of a global mission-based brand

Foto was started when our founder Katie Norris experienced a life altering photo shoot with a terminally ill infant, James, and his brave parents. She quickly realized the power she possessed with storytelling through photography. Fotostrap was born with the heart to continue to make a positive impact in the world by creating products that could do more, give back, and make a difference. We wanted a camera strap that wasn’t about us but about the person wearing the strap. That was when the James strap was created. We wouldn't exist without this little boy and his story.

We understand as a creative artist and storyteller it is easy to get lost in the other aspects of running a business. Getting your name out there, building a recognizable brand, and finding the clients that value your work can be difficult.

That's why, at foto, we've created a global mission-based brand dedicated to empowering and equipping creatives as they capture beauty, truth, and wonder. We've spent years developing products that are timeless, built to last, make a statement, and elevate your brand since our founding in 2012.

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