3 Reasons Your Brand Matters

3 Reasons Your Brand Matters

Having a hard time self-promoting?

It just got easier. What if your camera strap did all the talking for you? Fotostrap exists to enrich the lives of photographers and inspire them to build successful businesses full of purpose and meaning. It starts with your camera strap and we are here to help. Our camera straps can help reflect your brand by the different color selections and the opportunity to create your very own personalized camera strap.

How can a fotostrap help your business?

Lady on Mountain Top Holding A Digital Camera with a Fotostrap

1) Build Trust & Confidence

Professionalism goes a long way in making an impression with a new client. Upgrading your camera strap shows you care about aesthetics and putting your brand on display proves your business acumen.

Layflat of fotostrap with colorful strips on a wood table

2) Create Connection

Whether you're out working, or just taking pictures on a walk with your family, be your own billboard. With your business logo on your camera strap, people will take notice and possibly look you up to book a session. Fotostraps give the world a look into your personality and style which creates great conversation starters with potential customers when you are out shooting!

Fotostrap shoulder pad with photographer logo sitting on leather bag

3) Create a Signature

Your logo is your brand's "signature" and the more your clients (and potential clients) see it, the more familiar and trustworthy they become with your brand. Put your signature on everything! Foto offers photographers the chance to create personalized camera straps, memory card wallets, and totes.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Find the perfect fotostrap for your business today.




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