Nicole Eckmann "Wears Her Why" to Stay Committed to Photographing her Children

Nicole Eckmann wears her why

At FOTO, we are committed to creating a hub where fellow creatives can equip their cameras and empower their missions.

We've been blown away by the popularity of our new Designer Fotostraps, but are most excited that so many of you are choosing to personalize these straps with an anthem message. Embedded on the interior of the camera strap, these words represent what fuels your work.

In the spirit of empowerment, we're continuing our new blog series highlighting the "anthem" of one of our customers and new FOTO friend - lifestyle photographer Nicole Eckmann.

Name: Nicole Eckmann

Based in: Sacramento, CA

Business name & brief description (if applicable): Nicole Eckmann Presets I create unique photo-editing filters (called presets) that help both beginners and professionals achieve a unique editing style.

Designer Fotostrap color: Saddle

Anthem message: taylor and maddie

Nicole Anthem - taylor and maddie

Why did you choose this anthem? I chose my daughters' names (Taylor and Maddie) as my anthem because they are the center of my life and my photography. When I became a mom, I made a commitment to myself to take at least one photo a day so that I could refine my photography skills and also capture the fleeting moments of daily life with my babies. 

Nicole wears her why to take pictures of her kids

How do you think it will inspire your work? This anthem will serve as a reminder of my biggest inspiration and motivation for my every day photography - my children.

Nicole Eckmann's Girls

Instagram profile: @nicole.eckmann


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