Wear Your Why

One of our favorite features of the new Designer Fotostrap is the anthem message. A new personalization option exclusive to the Designer style, the anthem message is discretely lasered into the interior of the strap, allowing users to wear and bear sacred words close to their heart. The anthem message serves as a reminder of what (or who!) fuels your work, and can pay homage to your past, present or future as a creative.

We've so enjoyed seeing what many of you have selected as your anthem and thought we'd compile a list of anthem message ideas for those still deciding. Whatever your anthem, we are grateful you get to wear your why. 

1. Meaningful Phrase 

An inspirational phrase or quote can guide the choices you make every day as a professional and individual.

Anthem - Meaningful Phrase

2. Important Date 

Whether a wedding date, birthday or the official launch of your business, commemorate and celebrate a day that forever changed you.

Anthem - Important Date

3. Word of the Year

Intentional about choosing a word of the year? Keep it top of mind and in focus.

Anthem - Word of the Year

4. Names of Loved Ones

Your spouse. Children. A treasured friend. Hold those you love the most - or miss the most - close to your heart.

Anthem - Loved Ones

5. Business Mission

Let the reason you do what you do adorn your strap.

Anthem - Business Mission

6. Scripture

Is there a beautiful verse that has special meaning to you or your business? Keep it close.

Anthem - Scripture 

7. Literary Quote

Classic poems and books are timeless works of art. Is there a text that speaks to your soul? 

 Anthem - Literary Quote

8. Your Roots

Fond of the place that made and molded you? Keep it near always.

Anthem - Roots

Does your Fotostrap bear an anthem message? We'd love to know what words you chose or would choose. Share with us social using #wearingmyanthem or #fotospotting for a chance to be featured. 

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