Introducing FOTOstraps New Arrival: Graphite

We are very excited to introduce the oh so handsome Graphite into our Classic line of FOTOstraps this fall! This was our top pick for the Fall Collection as there is nothing better than Gray in the fall!

This charcoal colored gray FOTOstrap brings the perfect artsy vibe to any outfit. This shade of gray is completely gender neutral as well as being a neutral hue, allowing for it to be combined with just about anything else in your wardrobe.  If you are a lover of all things neutral and beautiful shades of gray, you’ve found your perfect strap! 


Graphite goes well with white, shades of gray, tans, browns, blues, pink, yellow and more!  See some examples below of what this Graphite FOTOstrap would go well with.  If you want to really show off your strap, be sure to wear a light colored top to really pop the strap and not hide it in a mix of dark colors!  


  (Fashion Inspiration from JCREW)


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