Introducing FOTOstraps New Arrival: Scarlet


We are very excited to introduce the Scarlet into our Classic line of FOTOstraps this fall.  Scarlet is a limited edition, meaning you will only be able to purchase it while supplies last!

This stand alone scarlet red FOTOstrap is a perfect color for anyone who wants to bring a fun pop of character to their camera. This strap can bring a striking statement to any outfit!  Whether you choose this scarlet red as it is just one of your favorite colors, or because it represents your school, sorority, fraternity, or favorite sports team’s colors, you won’t be disappointed! 


Scarlet goes well with white, navy, grays, black, blue, and tans.  To really have it pop, be sure to wear a light colored top! Bring that extra chic to your style and purchase a Scarlet while you still can!


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