FOTOstrap: A Custom Camera Strap

The FOTOstrap is a fashionable camera strap that was carefully designed with customizable features and an interest in personalization and comfort.  As you browse the FOTOstrap website, you will see that there are different color choices to choose from.  This is because we believe that everyone has a distinct style and we want you FOTOstrap to be an additional piece in fashionably portraying your style. 

In addition to the many color choices, there is also an option to personalize your very own padded shoulder pad.  This shoulder pad opens up so many opportunities to brand your style and strap with your business logo, put a friends name on it and give it as a gift, as well as use your own monogram to spice up your own FOTOstrap and make it more personal. 

The FOTOstrap was also designed specifically with a comfort fit.  This fashionable camera strap hangs lower than your average black strap that comes with your camera to give a much more comfortable feel.  Each FOTOstrap was designed with 5 adjustable holes for further adjustability.  As soon as you put on your strap, you can adjust the fit to your height and size. You have the freedom to adjust this strap 5 different ways to find the perfect length for you.  We hope you enjoy this comfortably fitting, fashionable FOTOstrap and find the color that is just right for you! 

Pick your color. Personalize your strap. Wear it comfortably. 


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