Enjoy a Gift from our Founder, Katie!

Note from our Founder of FOTOstrap and Fotolanthropy, Katie Norris

Today is my birthday and I am just grateful to my team, friends, family and supporters for all your encouragement of FOTOstrap and Fotolanthropy. The past few years has been an amazing journey starting giving-based business Fotolanthropy and designing a product that can fund the mission to give back to inspiring families. I am getting to live my passion by combining design + photography + philanthropy and I am so grateful. My hope for this year is that we can grow this movement and give to families across the country. Cheers to the year ahead!

For my birthday I wanted to GIVE as a thank you!

www.fotostrap.com is a fashionable camera strap made of genuine leather and can be monogrammed! FOTOstrap is committed to giving and donates a portion of each sale to www.fotolanthropy.com. Fotolanthropy is a movement of photographers using their camera for good by donating a portrait session to inspiring families.
COUPON CODE: KATIE'S BDAY — with Fotolanthropy and FOTO.
Katie Norris
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