February Encoragement + Practical Guide to Combat Weariness

The beginning of a new year can come with dichotomy of emotions. On one hand, you are filled with great vision and energy with new perspectives and ideas to pursue. On the other hand, you fell short the year before because New Year's resolutions never go the way you would hope causing more anxiety. So the start of the New Year is a reminder of all the unfinished tasks so why would a new year go any differently? We see you.

For the well-intentioned

Maybe you had wonderful intentions to be more intentional with your business. Last year ran yourself into the ground. Now you realize that something has to change because what you were doing before is not sustainable. We see you.

For the multi-tasker

As a business owner, there is a lot to juggle. From family, to emails, the countless to-do's, editing, to personal health, the list goes on. Our attention starts to split and at the end of the day, we wonder if we were present to anything we accomplished. We see you.

For the exhausted

Brené Brown, maybe you heard of her, was interviewed in 2012 by the Washington Post on the topic of exhaustion. The interview is as relevant today as it was 10 years ago, causing us to believe that this deep ache we experience is a journey we will continue to pursue.


The team at foto sees you. We see your diligence, hard work, sacrifice, creativity and your weariness. Our heart is to empower and equip YOU.

This year we have some exciting things in store, one of which is to create connection. We understand that sometimes work can be done in silos, so we want to come alongside you to encourage.

So what is ONE thing you can do today to make it better than yesterday?

Breathe- take a deep breath. Download our free guided worksheet or just take a blank piece of paper and brain dump. Write everything down that keeps your mind racing. Begin to take inventory of what needs to be done and create a timeline.

Then (don't miss this part) write down what brings you joy. What are the things that you delight in, what captivates your attention that you just love? Keep a running list of these things and between your work tasks, take part in one of the things on your delight list.

Write it out

This worksheet is designed to help you release those things that are keeping you from reaching your greatest potential and stealing your daily joy. We encourage you to repeat this exercise any time your to do-list gets to a point of producing weariness rather than purpose.

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