FOTO Gives You What You Deserve: More Time, More Money, and Less Stress.

FOTO Gives You What You Deserve: More Time, More Money, Less Stress | FOTO Blog

NYFW 2017 is coming to a close and we are left in the wake of gorgeous spring trends and yet another outdated wardrobe in our closets. Times like these remind us of the fleeting nature of fashion and although we can't deny the beauty of a limited edition accessory, we are convicted once again of the value of timelessness when it comes to outfitting your life. Mass production, competitive costs, and simply the nature of our generation has deemed what's in fashion today will be "so two weeks ago" two weeks from now. And like a real-life version of snapchat, your clothes (equipment, home decor, furniture, accesories, etc.) will only be fashionable for 5, 4, 3, 2...

We believe consumers deserve more-- more time, more savings, more joy, more freedom.


FOTO gives you more by offering less.

We know how frustrating it can be to feel behind on trends or how overwhelming it is to walk into a store and have so many options and styles to choose from, you don't know where to start! It's time-consuming to compare every stitch and feature + a money-suck to invest in something you will have to annually replace based on trend and quality. That's why we offer products with a "less is more" kind of approach and believe you deserve a shopping experience free of angst.

At FOTO, we value our customers' time/money/stress levels and choose to provide timeless designs you can feel good about investing in (without presenting you with option overload or making you replace your purchase every few years). When you shop FOTO, your options are 1. color and 2. personalization. That's it-- no seasonal editions or fleeting trends. Just simple leather and canvas options that will fit seamlessly into your life (complete with the option to add your personalization or business logo to the most prominent part of the product).

But, wait, didn't you just add "more" products?

While we have added new products and even some new "pre-designed personalizations," we have chosen these additions with simplicity in mind. We want to make branding your business, gifting with intention, and investing in your brand easier than ever by giving you simple choices that are both timeless in design and material so that you can feel confident in your purchase.


We are a brand that values community, integrity, and good design.

Not to say other brands don't have similar values, but we are a small business that has the flexibility to make daily decisions that positively affect our community, economy, and most importantly our customers! There aren't "quota-monsters" breathing down our necks, or seasonal expectations forcing us to give you more options (and subsequently more shoppers' stress) every few weeks. There is just a team of women who love people, design, functionality, minimalism, quality, branding, and giving back. A team of women designing leather items that are unassuming improvements to the seasonal and disposable "stuff" you are being forced to buy over and over again. A team of women who want to give you the tools (and products) to live a more satisfying life of "less."


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