4 Ways Journaling as a Couple can Improve your Marriage

4 Ways Journaling as a Couple can Improve Your Marriage | FOTO Blog

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we have all the feels for our spouses right now and want to share with you some simple ways we believe journaling can transform the way you communicate and journey through life with your love! 

1. Journal through complicated or emotional situations.

Have a tough decision to make? Is there a touchy subject you need to address? Are tensions high and you are looking for a way to speak slowly and without anger toward one another? Journaling through these hard (but essential) conversations with your loved one may be the best answer.

The beauty of writing your thoughts is that it gives you the luxury of time: time to choose the best words that express your viewpoint, time to allow you to process what the other is saying and consider how your words are being perceived, time to let you each have fresh perspective and time to let your emotional irrationalities subside. A journal can be a great place to start hard conversations (giving you the ability to dig deeper individually and as a couple), but we always recommend reading your entries to one another and discussing your thoughts after each of you have had time to process your own and each other's thoughts. [Also, what a great resource to revisit if you have a similar situation arise later on in your relationship, or share with a friend going through a comparable decision/conversation].

2. Journal your goals.

Journals are great for list-making, and what better way to start a marriage journal than to fill the first few pages with all of the things you want to accomplish and experience together! Dreaming together is a beautiful exercise of planning and commitment, and will bring energy and excitement to your marriage as well as giving you greater purpose/ something to work towards together. [Also, the beauty of sharing your personal goals with one another is that you get the opportunity to support one another and work towards making each other's dreams come true as a team, rather than just on your own]!

To help you start your list, consider these categories: 

  • Places we will go.
  • Things we will learn.
  • Legacies we will leave.
  • Things we will accomplish.

Revisit this "dream list" on your anniversary every year and cross off the things you've accomplished, circle ones you hope to achieve in the coming year, and add new ones! The goal is not to feel burdened by this list, but to feel invigorated and driven as a couple to live this life with zest and intention. 

3. Journal love letters.

In a world of iCloud, text messages and disappearing snap chats, we are losing the art of written affections and tangible memorabilia-- but don't let your love go un-documented! Bring back the tradition of love letters and write to one another in your journal! Write him a little something and leave the journal in his car, or write her a little poem and hide it under her pillow. Revive romance and the puppy love of yore by remembering (and writing down) all the things you love about each other with little notes of encouragement and long rants of intimate expressions of your heart for your spouse. 

4. Journal milestones.

Commemorate when you buy your first house, find out your pregnant, celebrate an anniversary, move to a new city, etc. by journaling! Journaling through these moments will help you and your spouse really take the time to appreciate the here and now, celebrate new beginnings, as well as give you a beautiful place to revisit fond memories down the road. [You will be so glad you documented these important life moments when you are old and wanting to reminisce + your kids will be elated to be able to read your thoughts on major life milestones as they are experiencing them for themselves].

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