Brianna Moore "Wears Her Why" to Stay True to Herself

At FOTO, we are committed to creating a hub where fellow creatives can equip their cameras and empower their missions.

We've been blown away by the popularity of our new Designer Fotostraps, but are most excited that so many of you are choosing to personalize these straps with an anthem message. Embedded on the interior of the camera strap, these words represent what fuels your work.

In the spirit of empowerment, we're continuing our new blog series highlighting the "anthem" of one of our recent Instagram giveaway winners - lifestyle/portrait photographer Brianna Moore.

Brianna Moore "Wears Her Why" to Stay True to Herself

Photos taken by Lauren Kilgore

Name: Brianna Moore

Based in: Houston, Texas

Business Name: Brianna Moore Photography

Designer Fotostrap Color: Saddle

Anthem message: Follow your Arrow

Brianna Moore "Wears Her Why" to Stay True to Herself

Why did you choose this message? I have always had a thing with arrows. For me the saying “follow your arrow” means to stay true to myself and the path God has for me, and to always be brave and bold enough to go down a different road than everyone else.

Brianna Moore "Wears Her Why" to Stay True to Herself

How do you think it will inspire your work? Honestly I’m still trying to figure out what my path looks like when it comes to photography. I just hope that my work stands out in some way to everyone.

Brianna Moore Images

Anything else we should know about you?! Funny story, the old camera strap I had broke about a week before I won this Fotostrap giveaway... so I was pretty dang excited when I won.

Instagram profile: @briannamoore


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