Photographers We Admire: Zach and Jody Gray

Zach and Jody Gray need little introduction, but we want to give one anyhow!

The amazing husband and wife team are speakers, photographers and teachers. In our humble opinion, they are the ultimate photography "power couple".

They are unique in the industry in that they give back by always teaching and encouraging photographers of all skill levels. With their expert tips, tricks and full-fledged courses, any photographer can get what they need to make a real business out of their craft.   

Their blog includes some of these tips, as well as great insights based on their experiences. Our top three favorites are:

  1. Tuesday Tips & Tricks- $4 Lattes - They address a common problem with photo start ups- thinking you're not worth it!
  2. Our Big Announcements - How adorable is this movie-style announcement of the new addition to their family? You can also follow more of their journey through pregnancy and beyond on their personal blog.
  3. Friday Finds | Fotolanthropy - We may be a little biased, but this blog about Fotolanthropy and our mission at Fotostrap takes the cake!

Zach and Jody are always posting about fun new tips for photographers, so be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

Who do you look to for advice about photography or starting your own business? We'd love to hear! Tell us on Facebook, or tweet us at @Fotostrap!

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