How to Choose the Perfect Camera Strap

Fotostrap perfect camera strap

We all love our cameras, but what about the camera strap? It's not only the same stock strap that everyone else has, it's not very comfortable. If you're looking to upgrade your camera-toting look, let Fotostrap help you with our guide to finding the perfect camera strap:

1) Decide which length you want. The Fotostrap's unique design hangs lower on the photographer than the average camera strap. Our camera strap is also designed with five adjustable holes for further adjustability. This means that as soon as you put on your strap, you can adjust the fit to your height and size to find the perfect length for you.

2) Carefully choose the material. Fotostrap is made from a durable and lightweight canvas fabric. The James strap is made entirely from a veg leather, one of the most durable leathers offered. This type of leather creates a high-quality look, as well as, provides durability and strength. Another key component on all of our camera straps is the ergonomic leather shoulder pad to increase comfort and protect from the normal back strain associated with carrying a camera. Our sturdy brass hardware encloses the durable leather to provide you with a strong hold. We also take pride in manufacturing the Fotostrap from start to finish entirely in the U.S.

3) Choose your style. We believe our goal is to empower the photographer or enthusiast to further represent their brand or personality! You can ditch the stock strap for a stylish alternative in a fun color, or even one of our limited edition straps! No matter which one you decide, you're sure to get a vintage-inspired camera strap designed to complement the latest styles and trends.

4) The perfect strap gives back. When you purchase any Fotostrap product, we donate 10 percent to Fotolanthropy, a non-profit that gives portrait sessions and short films to inspiring people who are overcoming adversity. It is because of your Fotostrap purchases that Fotolanthropy can continue to give, capture and share inspiring stories.

Which Fotostrap did you choose? We'd love to see! Post a photo of your favorite camera strap on our Facebook wall!

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