The Fabric of FOTOstrap

For the design of The Classic FOTOstrap, we were hoping to find the perfect type of fabric that is able to withstand constant daily use as well as be very durable and long lasting.  Through our research, we discovered Duck Fabric.  Duck fabric is a plain, woven cotton fabric that is available in various weights of thickness.  The more weight the duck fabric has, the stronger the fabric is and able to withstand holding heavy objects without stretching or wearing.  This is extremely important for a camera strap as the strap is responsible for holding your professional camera.  To ensure this strength and shape of the strap, we also decided to use webbing on the inside of the strap to reinforce the strength and hold of the camera strap and give it some shape. 

As for the design and fashionable aspect of the FOTOstrap, we decided to create a style group.  We asked this style group what colors and designs they would prefer most and then grouped our responses together to determine the most popular colors and styles.  From this style group, we decided on our top 7 color choices that were available in Duck fabric.  We are so excited to offer 7 different color options so that anyone can find a color that suites them.  Weather you like bold and bright colors or you love neutrals and soft shades, you can find what you are looking for and look fashionable while taking pictures! Pick a color to compliment your personality and brand. As the seasons change and holiday’s come along, we plan to add onto this color selection with more fun color options.  To learn more about behind the FOTOstrap, visit the About Us Page. 

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