A Camera Strap Made of Genuine Leather

Thank you so much for the support and excitement you have shown for the FOTOstrap! FOTOstrap is a fashionable camera strap that supports a great cause www.fotolanthropy.com

Creating a professional and fashionable strap took many steps. We wanted to write about each aspect of the strap to help you learn more about the design and story behind the strap. I thought we would start with the most luxurious feature, the genuine leather!

A unique characteristic of the FOTOstrap is that it is made with 100% genuine leather.  Nowadays, you can find just about anything to mimic or pretend to be leather, but nothing really compares with beautiful, genuine leather.  Perhaps it was because I am from the South, but I knew we wanted to go 100% genuine leather from the beginning. The specific leather used for these FOTOstraps is also the same type of leather that is used to make horse saddles, meaning it is one of the most durable kinds of leather. This was a crucial decision in the design process, as FOTO wants to ensure the safety of the cameras it supports. As the leather ages, it will increase in it’s character and mold to comfortably rest it its desired wear and style. If you checkout our James strap is made of 100% leather and compliments numerous wardrobes, colors and styles.  The Classic styles include the leather on the ergonomic shoulder pad and trimmings.


The FOTOstraps genuine leather can also be lazered, allowing for a wonderful option to be able to monogram a piece of leather and personalize it.  The laser leaves behind a sharp dark burn that shows up beautifully on the leather. 


The FOTOstrap leather from start to finish is completely done within the United States.  To learn more about behind the FOTOstrap, visit the About Us page


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