Fotostrap's Fall Style Guide

Fall has officially arrived!  Who is ready for blankets, bonfires, pumpkins, and cooler temperatures?  We know we are! 

Along with rolling out our favorite fall Fotostrap colors, such as Merlot, Sweet Potato, Stone, Bear, and the James to name a few...we wanted to make sure you were prepared to weather the cooler temperatures in style.

Here are our favorite stylish fall picks:

1.  Shearling Vest - This Faux Shearling Vest from Nordstrom is bound to be a fall favorite this year.  With it's neutral color, you'll be able to pair it with many shirts and it's going to keep you looking warm and stylish throughout the day.

2. Scarf - This autumn colored scarf from ZARA is the perfect accessory to throw on to add a hint of fall to any outfit and warm up your look with it's muted red and orange hues.  

3. Weather boot - This stylish boot from Sperry looks both comfortable and durable.  We suggest owning a boot that will weather those cooler temperatures and keep your feet dry.

4. James Fotostrap - The full leather James Fotostrap is handsome all year round, but especially in the fall with it's rich chestnut color. 

5. Hat - This Panama Hat from Urban Outfitters is the perfect hat to throw on when you venture outside and won't cause as much "hat head" as some other snug hats tend to do.

6. Socks - Never underestimate the power of stylish socks! These cozy socks from J. Crew are bound to finish off your outfit and keep your feet warm throughout the day.  

These are are favorite Fall picks for 2015!  Don't let the cooler temperatures get to you, grab your favorites above and you'll be sure to style warm and stylish throughout the Fall!

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