Fotostrap gives back to Fotolanthropy

Have you heard how purchasing a Fotostrap goes far beyond just buying a product?  It doesn't end there!  Fotostrap is socially conscious brand that is all about giving back. By purchasing a camera strap, you not only receive a stylish, made in the USA camera strap but YOU are helping to give the gift of memories to inspiring people who have overcome adversity. How is this possible?  Fotostrap donates 10% of the proceeds to Fotolanthropy.  Fotolanthropy is a non-profit organization made up of photographers and filmmakers that documents inspiring true stories of people who have overcome adversity.

Here are just a couple stories that Fotostrap has helped Fotolanthropy document.  Prepare yourself, kleenex may need to be close at hand.  

Fotolanthropy Story - A Father's Love

Fred was recovering from a double lung transplant when doctors discovered metastatic melanoma. After learning he had just months to live, and realizing the moments he likely no longer would be around for, Fred wanted to surprise two of his daughters and wife with a special gift to show them just how much he loved them.

Fotolanthropy Film - Gloriously Ruined 

“Adoption and missions were for ‘those people.’ Radicals. People who always had a ‘heart for the nations.’ That wasn’t me,” remembers Wynn. But through the heartache of infertility and researching other options, Wynn and Stephen discovered God’s perfect plan for their family would take them on a radical journey that ruined them in the most glorious way forever.

Fotolanthropy Story - Found Friendship

When Leslie discovered she was expecting a baby girl with dwarfism, a birth defect extremely rare for parents of average height, she feared the road both her and her daughter would traverse alone. But one day a trip with her son to the pediatrician, would lead Leslie – and Lilah – to the exact friendship they needed.

There are inspiring stories all around us of inspiring people overcoming adversity.  Do you know of one?  You can nominate a story to receive the gift of Fotolanthropy here!  Are you a professional photographer or filmmaker that desires to give back some of their time and talents?  You can apply to become an official Fotocrew Member here!  To learn more about Fotolanthropy, click here.  

Want to help give back?  Shop all Fotostraps, here!

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