Spring Break Photo Tips


Spring is now in full swing, and that means spring break is too! Make the most of it with our photo tips to create works of art you and your travel companions can enjoy for years to come!

Focus - Though the actual focus of the photo is important, we mean to pay attention to what’s inside your frame. Avoid a photo full of the backs of heads, cut off limbs, etc. Also, don’t be afraid to take more than one shot. You can always compare and delete a few before editing!

Candid - Some of the best photos we’ve seen are unposed subjects being photographed while living in the moment. Try setting up shots of friends relaxing on a blanket or telling jokes. The more fun they are having, the more it will come through the photo. 

Sun - During the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you don’t have time to enjoy the simple things in life. Take this opportunity to photograph the sunrise or sunset wherever you are. Staying with parents at home? Try the top level of your home or hiking to find a new vantage point. 

Action - Pay attention to what’s around you. Are people surfing or splashing in the waves? Snap a photo! Practice capturing the perfect blur in a set of action shots. Whether your goal is to climb, cross or borough take advantage of what you’ve accomplished and turn around at the end of your journey to take a photo of how far you’ve traveled.

Group - With so many things going on, this easy task can be hard to remember. However, a photo including everyone is priceless. Years later, you’ll be thankful you gathered the group of sunburned and tired companions for this shot!

The most important tip to remember is to put your camera down enough to enjoy the moment. Photos may capture the excitement to enjoy later, but nothing beats really experiencing it!

What spring break photo tips do you have? Share them with us on Facebook!

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