Which Camera Fits with Fotostrap

camera fits with Fotostrap

We love that our customers have a wide range of cameras. We’ve also received many questions about which of these unique cameras fit best with Fotostrap. Never fear! With anything from a Fuji x100s to the Canon 60D, a Fotostrap is able to fit onto many different cameras!

Any camera with the standard hardware measuring 7/16” wide will provide a hole big enough to fit the adjustable straps. For instance, all recent Canon and Nikon SLR (single lens reflex) cameras already contain the hardware necessary to fit a standard camera strap, therefore will easily fit a Fotostrap. 

If you have an older, or less common camera, this standard loop may be absent. Don’t let that discourage you! This can easily be fixed with a visit to your local camera store to purchase an adapter. The amazingly cool Mamiya RB-67 is a great example! You will rarely find one with the loops attached on the side, but an adapter allows you to easily secure your Fotostrap to the camera!

We’re dedicated to camera safety and want to ensure you’re using your Fotostrap correctly, so watch our video on How to Assemble Fotostrap to get a better idea of the standard hardware on many modern cameras:


Not only do our custom camera straps fit many cameras, the actual fit is very unique!  For added comfort, the Fotostrap is designed with 5 adjustable holes for plenty of adjustability options. As soon as you put on your strap, you can adjust the fit to your height and find the perfect length for you!

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