Will I receive my Fotostrap before Christmas?

All domestic orders, non-monogrammed and monogrammed, placed by 1 PM CST on Monday, Dec. 21st should be shipped out and delivered in time for Christmas.  However, if your order is placed with a monogram error, such as your monogram text or initials are missing from your order or your design file does not meet our requirements, this will affect your order and your order may not be delivered by Christmas.  Once your order ships, you will receive another e-mail from us with the shipping and tracking information.  

How do I put my Fotostrap on my camera?

Check out this video to learn how to assemble a Fotostrap on a camera.

Fotostrap is dedicated to camera safety and we want to ensure that you are using your Fotostrap correctly.  For your convenience we have created a short demonstration film on "how to put on your Fotostrap."  Please take a minute to watch this film and make sure you have put on your Fotostrap correctly.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail us at support@fotostrap.com and we will be sure to take care of you.  

What can I monogram on the Fotostrap?

Customize a Fotostrap by adding a monogram! This is a great way to make the camera strap a personalized gift for yourself or someone else! You can choose from a number of options when adding a monogram to your Fotostrap. Our monogram options are available in both our modern font and our fancy font and the options include: traditional monogram formats, traditional initial formats, text (names, words, sayings, sorority, sports team, company, etc!), and you can even upload a high resolution black and white design file, such as your business logo, to be monogrammed! Check out our monogram page for more inspiration: http://fotostrap.com/pages/monogram

*For all traditional monograms and traditional initials, we will always monogram these in all caps regardless of what is typed unless we receive a specific e-mail from the customer stating they desire otherwise.  For the text monogram option, please type in the field EXACTLY how you want the text monogram to read (define upper and lower case).  

Can I return a monogrammed Fotostrap?

Monogrammed Fotostraps are eligible for only a partial return. Once a shoulder pad is monogrammed, it is permanent and cannot be returned or re-used.  The monogrammed shoulder pad is the non-refundable part of a return and the fabric or leather strap is the part that is eligible for a return.  Accordingly, we do not accept monogrammed shoulder pad returns or refunds. E-mail support@fotostrap.com to handle a return.  

Where is the monogram located on the Fotostrap?

All monogramming is lasered on the leather ergonomic shoulder pad that comes with the Fotostrap. The monogram will be centered and scaled proportionally by our monogram team. 

How do I send you my design file to be monogrammed?

Before you choose to upload a design file to be monogrammed, please make sure it meets our requirements. If your design file does not meet our requirements, your order will automatically be delayed and we will need to reach out to you via e-mail to obtain a different monogram solution for your order.

File requirements:

  1. All design files must be completely black and white. This means no gray scale, gray shading, or gray overlapping. The design file must be entirely black and white as what is black will be lasered on the shoulder pad.
  2. All files must be high resolution. Please ensure your file is at least 300 dpi before uploading.
  3. .JPEG files are preferred, however, we do accept .EPS, .ai, and .tiff files.

If your design file meets the requirements, please follow these instructions as stated:

  1. Choose your Fotostrap
  2. Click the drop down list under "Add Monogram" and choose "Design File” - (upload a high resolution black and white JPEG file at the end of checkout) +$8" Note – must be entirely black and white, no gray scale, and at least 300 dpi for lasering purposes
  3. Click "Add to Cart"
  4. Checkout
  5. At the end of your checkout you will be given the opportunity to upload your design file to our website to be processed with your order.  Please do not forget to upload your file as it will affect the processing time for your order

Note: We reserve the right to halt the production of an order and contact the customer with our concerns if our monogram team receives a design file that they believe will not laser well, i.e. small details that might be lost once lasered or if it was inverted it would show the design better. We reserve this right in order to ensure the best monogram and customer satisfaction with their order.

    How long does it take to receive a monogrammed Fotostrap?

    All monogrammed and non-monogrammed Fotostraps ordered Monday through Friday by 11 AM CST will be shipped out the same day.  Monogrammed and non-monogrammed Fotostrap orders placed after 11 AM CST will ship out the next business day.  Orders placed after 11 AM on Friday through Sunday will ship out the following Monday.  Please note that calendar holidays may interfere with turnaround time.  Fotostraps are shipped USPS first class parcel and typically takes 3 to 5 days to be delivered. You will receive a tracking number once your order has shipped!

    Will I get to see a preview of the logo?

    No, FOTO's monogram team will center and proportionally scale your logo on the shoulder pad and will use their knowledge of design to make your monogrammed Fotostrap look its best.

    Can I remove the shoulder pad?

    Yes! The shoulder pad can easily be removed.

    Can I send my Fotostrap back in to be monogrammed?

    No, you cannot ship a Fotostrap back to us to be monogrammed and shipped back to you.  You can however purchase a new shoulder pad on our website!

    Fotostrap gives 10% of proceeds to Fotolanthropy. What is Fotolanthropy?

    FOTO is committed to giving and with every strap sold FOTO will donate 10% of proceeds to Fotolanthropy. Fotolanthropy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that gives portrait session and short films to inspiring people who are overcoming adversity. To learn more, please visit www.fotolanthropy.com.

    Tell me more about the leather that Fotostrap uses?

    All Fotostraps are made with real, genuine leather. We use high quality vegetable tanned leather on every Fotostrap. Vegetable tanned leather is very strong and will beautifully show its wear over time. Gaining character comes naturally to this leather as it is fairly raw and only has a slight protective finish on top. Vegetable tanned leather will darken over time and is susceptible to scratches. We recommend avoiding water and anything with grease will leave a permanent mark.

    How do I care for my Fotostrap?

    Every Fotostrap is made with genuine leather.  Whether it is the Classic or Story design where the leather is paired with canvas fabric or it is the Lux design where the entire camera strap is leather, we want you to know how to best care for your camera strap.  We use a vegetable tanned leather on all of our camera straps.  This leather is incredibly durable as well as gains character and darkens over time.  Our leather is susceptible to stains and scratching, so we recommend applying an oil based coating to pre-treat the leather to help it maintain it's high quality look.  As for cleaning and maintaining the leather, we recommend cleaning and polishing the leather up to twice a year with a leather cleaner and a soft rag.  You can also contact your local leather goods repair shop if you would like to learn more on how to polish and clean your leather.  As for cleaning the fabric part of your Fotostrap, we recommend spot cleaning with a generic fabric cleaner, such as Tide-To-Go pens.  Avoid fabric cleaners containing bleach.  Apply cleaner and gently wipe away.  Only use water if necessary and in small amounts.  Be mindful to not get the leather wet as this could stain the leather.  

    What shipping methods do you offer?

    FOTO offers both Domestic and International shipping.

    Domestic – United States Shipping
    Monogrammed and non-monogrammed Fotostraps ordered Monday through Friday by 11 AM CST will be shipped out the same day.  Monogrammed and non-monogrammed Fotostrap orders placed after 11 AM CST will ship out the next business day.  Orders placed after 11 AM on Friday through Sunday will ship out the following Monday.  Please note that calendar holidays may interfere with turnaround time.  Fotostraps are shipped USPS first class parcel for a $7.50 USD flat rate and individual shoulder pads are shipped for $4.50 USD. You will receive a tracking number once your order has shipped. 

    International – Outside of the United States
    For international orders, please allow 3-5 weeks for your strap to be delivered to you.  Items are shipped USPS international priority for $40.00 USD.  You will receive a tracking number with your international order that will track your package through customs and on to your doorstep.   All international customers are responsible for appropriate and applicable laws, customs, tariffs, and fees within their given country.  Once a product is shipped internationally, Fotostrap is no longer responsible for goods shipped.  Please note, international taxes and duties may apply to the shipment and are the buyer's responsibility.