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Luggage Tag Text Personalization Options

*Please note that due to the size of the luggage tag, text in our Fancy, Modern and Marigold Fonts must be 7 characters or less, in order to display prominently on the tag. 

*Emojis cannot be used as part of our FOTO text personalization. If you would like to include an emoji in your personalization you will need to send us your own design file with your text and emoji in JPG format.

FOTO's genuine leather luggage tag can be personalized with a custom design file or business logo. Your JPG file must be completely black and white - no grayscale, color, shading or photographs.

*Due to the limited space for your personalization on the luggage tag, we recommend avoiding graphics with thin fonts and fine details for the best result on your final product. Please note that some designs that work for the Fotostrap and/or Journal may not work for the luggage tag due to the difference in available space. Our team will reach out to you if there is an issue with your provided design file.FOTO's Fancy Font is available in both upper and lower case letters for personalizing your genuine leather luggage tag.FOTO's Modern Font is available in both upper and lower case letters for personalizing your genuine leather luggage tag.

FOTO's Marigold Font is available in lower case letters only for personalizing your genuine leather luggage tag, making it best for names or words.

*Due to the special characteristics of our Marigold Font, it works best used as names or fun text of your choice, rather than individually as monogram or initial letters. Please note that our Marigold Font is only offered in lowercase, and any uppercase letters typed in for your text choice will be lasered as lowercase.

Circle Monogram Font Alphabet for FOTO personalizations

Timeless Alphabet

Personalize your... Fotostrap // Designer // Skinny // Wallet // Journal // Tote

For more details on how to submit your personal graphic or business logo, click here.