FOTO is more than just a brand.

We are a group of storytellers, a family of dreamers, and a brand with heart. FOTO’s mission is to create classic leather goods that tell a story, and we also help celebrate the stories of remarkable people. Ten percent of every FOTO purchase directly supports Fotolanthropy, a nonprofit that documents the stories of individuals and families who have modeled extreme resilience. Fotolanthropy films have raised awareness of rare diseases, and highlighted the experiences of veterans and adoptive families. It's FOTO's pleasure to help share the true stories of extraordinary people journeying through adversity. To learn more about these stories, visit

These camera straps at @fotostrap help to fund Fotolanthropy, a company having produced more than 20 fact-based films of remarkable people defying great odds. (This is the Bear Strap). Katie (the owner) is the producer of 2 award-winning films including Travis: A Soldier's Story. I bawled while watching this soldier who lost both his arms and legs after stepping on an IED overseas..yet overcoming great odds to exude positivity, stand on prosthetics and learn to interact physically with his wife and child. Thank you to Katie and the team at @fotostrap for all you do. 🙌🏻 Travis..there are no words. You are such a source of inspiration and hope.

- Catherine Guidry

10% gives back to Fotolanthropy's current story.

Every purchase gives back to a greater cause and helps Fotolanthropy document stories of hope! 10% of this season's purchases will be donated to Fotolanthropy's newest feature documentary in-the-making, 7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story7 Yards is a feature-length documentary that will inspire you to overcome. After a life-altering tackle on the college football field, Chris Norton was told he would never move again. Through grit and faith, he retrained his body and spirit to walk the most important yardage of his life: seven yards down the aisle with his bride, Emily Summers.

After being released by PEOPLE, the 7 Yards trailer footage went viral and has been shared across the globe on all major media outlets.

We can't thank our Fotostrap customers enough for being a part of this movement and contributing to such an important cause of producing positive stories to inspire the world. 

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Each style is created and named in honor of a specific inspiring Fotolanthropy story. Click here to shop our Story collection.

The Travis Fotostrap is named after SSG Travis Mills, from the Fotolanthropy award-winning documentary "Travis: A Soldier's Story". You can visit to watch Travis's, and more inspiring true stories of everyday heroes.

The Travis Fotostrap

is named after United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills of the 82nd Airborne. Travis lost portions of both arms and legs as the result of an IED (improvised explosive device) on April 10, 2012 while on patrol during his third tour of duty in Afghanistan. Travis is one of just five quadruple-amputees from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to survive their injuries. Award-winning Travis: A Soldier's Story is Fotolanthropy’s first full feature documentary that takes an intimate look into the life of this wounded solider as he faces the unimaginable physical and emotional challenges of this life-altering injury. Travis’s story sheds light on the daily inward and outward struggles of our wounded veterans and the difficult rehabilitation processes they face; and Travis’s openness and incredible perseverance challenge us to look at the way we deal with our own personal trials in life.

The Titus Fotostrap is named after Titus Daily, from the Fotolanthropy story "Unexpected Joy". You can visit to watch Titus's, and more inspiring true stories of everyday heroes.

The Titus Fotostrap

is named after the sweet son of Becky and Paul Daily who was born with micronagthia (recessed chin) that blocked his breathing, cleft palate, profound deafness, blindness, Dandy-Walker variant, ASD/VSD, hemi-vertebrae in the spine, horseshoe shaped kidney, just to name a few. In the face of these disabilities, the Daily family has experienced Unexpected Joy and finds strength in God and His purposes. They know difficult times are still yet to come, but they choose to see each day as another blessing with their little fighter, Titus.

The Mint Fotostrap is named in honor of Howdy Homemade , from the Fotolanthropy story "Howdy". You can visit to watch "Howdy", and more inspiring true stories of everyday heroes.

The Mint Fotostrap

is named in honor of Fotolanthropy's story on Howdy Homemade - a Dallas ice cream shop employed exclusively by those with special needs. Inspired by the personal story of legendary college coach Gene Stallings, owner Tom Landis had a dream to open a business that would not only employ those with special needs, but challenge them and equip them to realize their own dreams far beyond scooping ice cream. Watch Howdy to see how truly sweet this establishment is.

Golden: In Honor of Griffin Shaw

is named in honor of Fotolanthropy's story, Shine: The Griffin Shaw Story - the inspiring story of a family receiving hope in the midst of unimaginable loss. See how the Dallas Lake Highlands community shined its light for the Shaw family during the summer of 2016 and how brightly Griffin's legacy shines through the love and faith of his grieving family. Watch Shine to see how this 5-year-old boy and his incredible family are inspiring and challenging us all to be bright lights in a world that so desperately needs hope and perspective.

The Bayleigh Fotostrap is named after Bayleigh , from the Fotolanthropy story "Dance in the Rain". You can visit to watch Bayleigh's, and more inspiring true stories of everyday heroes.

The Bayleigh Fotostrap (sold out)

is named after the inspirational ray of light, Bayleigh, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at the age of nine. Despite the number of surgeries and treatments she has had and continues to undergo, Bayleigh remains upbeat and a source of joy to all who meet her. Proceeds from the Bayleigh strap went to support the production of the short film Dance in the Rain, which documents her beautiful outlook on life and her purpose within it, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to Dance in the Rain."
The Camp & Asher Fotostraps are named after Camp & Asher Elder, from the Fotolanthropy story "Gloriously Ruined". You can visit to watch the Elder Family's, and more inspiring true stories of everyday heroes.

The Camp & Asher Fotostraps (sold out)

are named after the precious orphan twins Wynne and Stephen Elder adopted from Ethiopia. Their adoption story is truly heartwarming, and although their journey included many tears and revelations, the "glorious ruin" of God's will was something that has radically changed (in a good way) these four lives forever. Check out Fotolanthropy's short film Gloriously Ruined to learn more.