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Fotolanthropy partners, Sarah Kate Photography and GRŌ Planning + Floral, were brought in to capture this epic moment for 7 Yards


One of FOTO's greatest passions is to give back and make a difference in this world. And because of YOUR decision to purchase with purpose, we've been able to do just that. Last weekend, Fotolanthropy was able to capture the 7 Yards wedding walk for their newest documentary and within this past week, millions across the globe have seen and been uplifted by Chris and Emily's story. Your purchases helped make this moment happen, and will continue to help Fotolanthropy produce 7 Yards and other inspiring stories like it. Thank you for choosing the camera strap that gives back and being a part of this exciting movement!

The walk EVERYONE is talking about...

Fotolanthropy's 7 Yards wedding walk footage and official trailer was launched by PEOPLE and Chris & Emily's story is going viral!

We are thrilled to see everyone's responses to their story and Fotolanthropy's trailer. And we are so proud to share in this movement that is spreading hope and inspiration with the world!

Featured on:
Good Morning America Today    USA Today  CNN  ABC  People  Fox News  Daily Mail  Sports Illustrated  Yahoo Sports  CBS Sports  BRIDES  Independent  Athlon  the Score  the knot
Sarah Kate wearing James Fotostrap

The very talented and widely renowned wedding photographer, Sarah Kate, wore her James Fotostrap to capture the epic wedding moments for Chris and Emily that are now being shared across the globe. What a joy to see our camera strap being used on set of the documentary it is giving back to! 

"Photographing Chris and Emily's wedding was an honor beyond what I can explain! Together, they have defied all odds on so many levels and I am so grateful that they are being celebrated and recognized for their service and pure hard work. As a photographer, I personally try to capture raw life moments and tell a story with my art. When Chris and Emily were walking towards me as I was shooting at the end of the aisle, there was a moment when Chris looked up a smiled. I knew at that moment that I had “the shot” and the pressure of the media commitment went away and my eyes filled with tears. This is one of the greatest stories I’ve ever been a part of." - Sarah Kate

James Fotostrap

Shop the Fotostrap just like the one being used behind the scenes of 7 Yards!

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