A Veterans Day Message from our Founder

As I reflect on Veterans Day, I wanted to thank you for your support of our products that give back and share with you the impact YOU have made. With every purchase, we donate 10% to Fotolanthropy and your 10% helped to produce the award-winning documentary Travis: A Soldier's Story.

On April 10, 2012, SSG Travis Mills' life was changed forever when he lost both arms and legs from an IED explosion in Afghanistan. It's difficult to grasp that military men and women serve our country so willing to protect our freedom, knowing they could endure these types of injuries.

I will never forget the first conversation that I had with Travis when he told me he "just had a bad day at work." I was blown away by his positive spirit and determination. At that moment, I knew that I wanted to give my all to Travis and his family just as he had done so for all American families. We believe in the power of story and knew we should do whatever it takes to create a documentary of his life story.

It was an honor of a lifetime producing this film and taking it across the country. Communities gathered to honor our military and Travis received standing ovations at every screening! 

On this Veteran's Day, we would like to thank you for your support of our brand and because of you, we have been able to share Travis's story with the world. We hope that you can take the time today to thank a Veteran in your life for their service and selflessness. Remember the caregivers as well and take the time to thank them too!

If you would like to experience Travis: A Soldier's Story, check it out on iTunes or Netflix.

Katie Norris
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