Does your work "uniform" need an upgrade?

A shade for every mood, every style, every outfit.

Designer Outfits

You spend a lot of time and intention picking out what you will wear on shoot. Don't downgrade your look with a thoughtless factory camera strap on your camera... As fellow women in the creative industry, we have designed our camera straps and accessories with you in mind - marrying function and style in a new way for photographers. See what others are saying!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"If you’re looking for a stylish alternative to your factory strap, this is it!"
- @christinajonesphoto

"These camera straps are going to be like shoes for me: I want one in every color and there are a LOT to choose from"
- @chris_sneddon

"Adds a little glam to the camera 💕"
- @danielle.erikaa

FOTO Girls

See what we mean?

Our Fotostraps have a classic design that complement your every mood, style and outfit! Just as interchangeable as a pair of shoes or piece of jewelry, Fotostraps are statement-making accessories. We love the way these gorgeous girls look as they chase their dreams: equipped and empowered by the gear they are wearing.

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