This is FOTO. This is our Story.

How YOUR personalized purchase makes a difference in the #tellyourstory movement:

  • your personalized product becomes a brand ambassador and personal storyteller as an extension of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU REPRESENT.
  • 10% of your purchase gives back to Fotolanthropy and provides resources for their powerful stories on inspiring people.
  • sharing your participation in this movement (or simply your love for your new FOTO product) on social media, at your workplace, in the supermarket or at the airport allows more people to hear our story and join YOU in supporting personalized American-made products that #tellyourstory.

The Highland Tote from FOTOChestnut Journal from FOTO

We have opened up our product line as an invitation for more people to have the freedom and ability to be a part of this movement. We aren't just for cameras anymore!

Black Luggage Tag from FOTOThe Highland Tote from FOTO

Making a difference never looked so chic!


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