The Camera Strap that Gives Back

Sky Fotostrap

We understand the gift of giving.

FOTO believes gifting can be more than just a transactional trip to a store. It is a process of consideration: dreaming up and discovering the perfect gift for loved ones. Giving should not only make the recipient feel good, but also the giver, and we are committed to offer our customers as many of these "feel good" moments as possible.

With countless personalization options, gifting ideas, and an evergreen leather design, we provide our customers with the ability to create personal and heirloom treasures their recipients will adore. Not only can the giver feel good about the gift he/she purchases, but also the contribution of that purchase toward a greater good: 10% of every purchase is donated to the inspiring mission of Fotolanthropy. It is our joy to give every time someone shops FOTO and usher in opportunities for new stories of hope to be celebrated. 

With more than 40 customizable leather products, including our flagship Fotostrap, we are able to support Fotolanthropy and because of our amazing customers, have supported more than 20 stories and 2 award-winning full feature documentaries!


In 2012, we became the largest financial contributor to the award-winning documentary, Travis: A Soldier's Story (now available on Netflix). 

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