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You have a logo, now where all should you use it?

If you have a new photography business, you have more than likely invested a good amount of time (if not a pretty penny, too) on your logo design and branding. For the best ROI on your logo design, you need to put it to work and build your brand! We have created a simple checklist below (with links to our favorite places to order from) to get you started. We want to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck, and help you put yourself out there like the marketing maven that you are.

Giveaways, Handouts, Packaging

Anything that transfers from your hands to a client should have consistent and professional branding. Do you give your clients a flash drive of their images? Invest in flash drives that you can order with your logo. Do you have a handout or pricing guide? Make sure the most prominent thing on the front/top of your booklet/one sheet is your logo!

Below is a list of pieces you may (or may not) have thought of and links to our favorite places to order from! The more creative and thoughtful you are, the more of an impact your branding will make! 

Business Collateral

Anything that transfers from your hands to an institution that you do business with (whether that be a client, a retailer, your bank, a studio, an equipment lender, coworkers, etc.) should have your logo on it. To begin with, your logo is simply the signature of your business; it represents that you are a professional business, gives you an identity in your market, and allows the viewer an opportunity to get to know what you're all about in a cursory glance. As you continue in business with these individuals, your logo becomes a symbol of the interactions they've had with you. They will see your logo and have an emotional response based on how their experience was. Basically it gives a face to your brand and helps you stand out!

Below we've listed some of our favorite places to order from! It's nice to hire a graphic designer to give your brand it's unique identity, but if that's not in your budget there are some pre-designed options to stick your logo into that are pretty legit!

Everything Digital

In this digital world, a lot of your interactions will be online, as well as a lot of your marketing! Be sure to put your logo EVERYWHERE (tastefully, of course)! You want your branding to translate seamlessly between print and online to ensure consistency that makes your brand a "familiar face."

Equipment and Accessories

Wearing your logo can be a super effective way to continue bringing awareness to your brand and putting a face with your business. When on shoot, at a conference, at a tradeshow, or networking event, it's a great idea to have something on your person that acts as advertising and makes you memorable! We have a beautiful line of genuine leather items that you can put your business logo on (including camera straps). 

Below we've listed some of our favorite (subtle and not-cheesy) ways you can "wear" your logo and act as an unassuming billboard for your business!


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