Our Favorite Goal-Setting Quotes to Inspire your 2018 Resolutions!

With the promise of a new year in the air, we can't help but feel inspired to reset our intentions for 2018 and gather motivation for new sets of goals and dreams to work toward this year. Here are some of our favorite quotes we are using to set our minds on the task of setting this year's resolutions and journaling tips to help get us there:
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"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible
into the visible." - Tony Robbins


"Great people do things before they're ready." - Amy Poehler


Now that you are primed and energized to set your 2018 goals, we encourage you to put your dreams to paper using one of our genuine leather journals to make your goal-setting even more fun. 


Journaling Tip #1:

Writing your goals down is the first step to achieving them: turning them from vague ideals into well-articulated and thoughtful targets.

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Journaling Tip #2

Setting aside a predetermined block of time (15-20 minutes a day) to reflect on your long and short term goals guarantees that you are being mindful of those dreams and working toward them.

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Journaling Tip #3

And finally, journaling allows you to record your progress. On days when you feel like you're lightyears away from achieving your goals, you can go back and see the progress you really have made. And, if you've found yourself failing at a certain goal time and time again, looking back can help inspire you to find a new approach that could work.

As we ring in the new year with friends, family, bubbly and fun, let us remember to also dream with one another, set goals for the new year and make 2018 a year to never forget.

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