How a Meaningful Touch can make all the difference this Mother's Day

Mother's Day - Katie Norris

We understand.

Our Fotostrap team understands the mixed emotions that are stirred by Mother's Day. We are passionate about honoring and nurturing all hearts this season and wanted to let you know - we see you.

Every woman's journey to becoming a mom is marked with some kind of sacrifice, all kinds of scars - emotional and physical (hello-stretch marks), as well as a full gamut of hopes and fears. We are right there with you during this season and encourage you to join us in honoring all the moms in our lives...

...those who wish to be moms.

personalization ideas:
Trust His Timing, Stay Strong, Miracles Happen, "Behind every beautiful thing, there is some kind of pain." -Bob Dylan, He's in the waiting, Love Endures




 ...those who are in the trenches of motherhood

personalization ideas:
The date she became a mom, her kids' initials, Mama Bear, Who Runs the World? Moms., MOM (in gold foil initials)





...and those who are grieving a child or parent.

personalization ideas:
Psalm 34:18, our "be brave" graphic, in memory of..., A beautiful soul is never forgotten, Always in my heart






As we approach Mother's Day, let's be mindful of and serve the women in our lives in the ways they need it. Let us remember to support each other, listen to each woman's needs and honor her with all the love, attention, and understanding that she deserves this year.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Those with teens know that probably a good 95% of the time they don’t listen or pay attention to their parents, so imagine my surprise when I received this gorgeous, awesome Fotostrap camera strap from my 19 yr old son that I’ve been talking about wanting for months! Not only did he choose my favorite color, he even had the leather shoulder pad customized with my photography motto! Sigh. My boy did good.

- Chris Sneddon

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