Journaling: Tips and Bits from the FOTO Gals!

Journaling: Tips and Bit from the FOTO Gals! | FOTO Blog

Journaling is something we take very seriously at FOTO, and something each one of us personally (and professionally) practices. Below are some tips and bits from a few of our FOTO gals that we would like to share with you to encourage you in your journaling this year!

From our Founder on the value of documentation:

"Starting my day with a cup of coffee and time in my journal has been transformative for me. I have always kept a journal since a young age, and I am thankful that I have my thoughts, memories, passions documented. I enjoy taking the time to pause and look back through my words to reflect on the memories, life lessons and changes that have occurred since I had opened that journal.

I don't worry about what pen I am using or try to follow a particular format. I want this to be a place that I don't feel the pressure to think a certain way. I love the freedom of just being able to go to a quiet place and document my thoughts, prayer requests and praises. I am a big believer in goal writing so I like to write my goals for the year in the front of my journal so that I can review them each time I open my journal. I have found that it keeps me accountable to my goals and also helps me to stay focused throughout the year."

From our Director of Operations on authenticity:

"Last year a friend and I were talking about journaling and I quipped how I hope to write someday but that I would never want someone to read my actual journals. He made a comment that stuck with me: "If you're not afraid for someone to read it, you're probably not being fully honest." In the last few years, journaling has become a regular habit for me, but it's far from the perfect handwriting, multi-color pens and beautiful doodles we often see on Instagram. I think one of the most important things in journaling is honesty, being honest about your biggest dreams (no matter how crazy) as well as your deepest struggles. It's that honesty that makes my journal almost invaluable to me and such a tool when I go back through it months or even years later."

From our Director of Digital Marketing on balance:

"Balance is something that is really important to me, so in order to keep that consistent when I'm focusing on implementing life changes and working towards goals is to make sure I'm setting resolutions that enrich all areas of my life. For instance, when I'm goal-setting and journaling through that process, I try to come up with at least one achievable improvement for each category: family, health, faith, career, and legacy. Every year will look different; goals will ebb and flow as seasons of life happen, but if I am being intentional with the way I improve myself each season, then I know I won't completely drop the ball for goals I have to put on hold or miss out on being the best version of myself that I can be in that moment of time. It's such an important exercise to write these goals out in a place that I can revisit, explore, revise and process so a journal that can be reused and journey through life with me is such a treasure."


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