Going for the Gold in USA-Made Socially Conscious Fashion!

Going for the Gold in Socially Conscious Fashion | FOTO Blog

Let's hear it for the red, white and blue! As a "Made in America" brand, we are throwing up our colors and cheering for the U-S-A as our American athletes compete in Rio's Olympic games. We love the tradition and symbolism of the Olympics-- the national pride and unity these games represent and are looking forward to witnessing some truly inspiring stories these next few weeks. We are inspired by the amount of time, energy and heart these athletes have poured into their sports in preparation for these games and are personally motivated to continue to share that same drive and mental toughness in the way we run our business.  

Made in America | FOTO Blog

We are proud to be an American-made product line that support jobs, tanneries, and manufacturing in America. From conception to distribution, our product is on our soil, in our hands, beautifully crafted and attended to the very finest detail. Our product is sound-- the fit is on point, the colors are fun, the price is right, and more than anything, our products have heart. Our mission behind every stitch and every buckle is to support and give back to the non-profit that is near and dear to us: Fotolanthropy. Over the last four years we've been able to give back 10% of our proceeds to this amazing group of photographers and filmmakers who give up their time and resources to tell stories of inspiring people who have overcome adversity. We are blown away by the kinds of stories we've been able to help fund and can't wait to see all that's ahead for Fotolanthropy and the future stories they will tell.

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We have our amazing customers to thank for giving us the opportunity to go for the gold in all that we do-- to allow us the ability to give back consistently and to carry the torch in making genuine American-made leather products that we are so proud of. Thank you for being awesome! Now let's hear it for the U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!


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