A Guide to Setting (and Completing) Your Goals for the New Year

As a companion post to last week's blog on journaling your goals and resolutions for the new year, we wanted to share with you a practical guide to setting those goals as well as tips to achieving them. So grab your journal, a favorite pen, and a cup of ☕️. Let's settle in and set some goals!

A Practical Guide to Setting (and Completing) Your Goals and Resolutions 

1. Establish areas in your life that need improvement and write them down (leave 5-6 lines beneath each one). 📝 

Areas might include: family, marriage, career, finances, health, mind, fitness, faith, time, environment, friendships, motivation, etc.

2. Beneath each of these areas you just listed, create a sub-list that is more specific about how you want to improve. ✔️ 

For instance if you wrote down "Fitness" you might put "start training for a 5K" or "sign up and attend a spin class 2x a week" beneath it.

3. Write notes and deadlines next to each of these items you just listed. ⏰  

i.e. "Start training for a 5K- January 7, sign up for that charity 5K in March" "Sign up and attend a spin class 2x a week- February 2, go every Tuesday and Thursday after carpool, try for a month and see if I like it/it's working"

4. Add to your calendar. 📆

Goals aren't easy and steps toward achieving them aren't necessarily very fun to stick to. They are not always convenient, either, so it's really important to get them in your planner or on your phone (in your reminders or calendar apps)-- Make it impossible for you to forget the goals you have set. Design your time in a way that sets you up for success and you are far more likely to follow through.

5. Create a support system and celebrate your milestones together. 🎉

This step is often skipped, missed or overlooked, but is the key component to completing your goals. Share your goals with your loved ones, even let them look at the list you wrote. Ask for advice, support, accountability and then celebrate your milestones together!

6. Be intentional, always be improving, and learn to be flexible. 💡

Some days will be easier than others; some seasons will be busier than others. Be intentional with your time, give things their proper prioritization, and don't get down on yourself when life gets in the way of your plans. It's great to set goals and dream big for your future, but don't let plans and lists and calendar notifications get in the way of you living your life and achieving goals you never dreamed of. Consider the resolutions you set as general guidelines toward a better life. Maybe you can't really go to spin class every Tuesday/Thursday, but going on the days you can is already better than you were doing before. Be flexible and find creative ways to implement your goals. You might find better solutions later in the year (imagine that- not all of your resolutions need to be nailed down Jan. 1)! The resolutions you set are an excellent exercise of resetting priorities and personal awareness, but you aren't stuck with your first draft. Let the action of always improving guide your life and let your list of goals be mere kick-starters to get you going this year. 

Make goals, change goals, and journal through the journey of achieving those goals with FOTO. Design a journal that will inspire you:

A Practical Guide to Setting (and Completing) Your Goals and Resolutions


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