FOTO Fashion: What to wear with your FOTOstrap


Fashionable Tips on What to Wear with Your FOTOstrap

Here are some great tips we have put together for you to understand color options and what may be some great outfit options that could compliment your fashionable FOTOstrap while you’re out on the town or at a casual photography session! Check out these ideas and look good taking pictures.



This is a beautiful everyday neutral color that will go with just about anything you have in your closet. You can feel free to add a pop of color to your outfit with a fun colored shirt or colored jean while wearing this neutral colored strap. Stone works well with: gray, white, black, neutrals, corals, greens, reds, and so on!


This popular bright pink strap can add a fun pop of color to almost any outfit. Colors we have found that compliment Hibiscus: mint green, navy blue, marine blue, gray, denim, white & black


Yellow can be the perfect brightening touch to add to your outfit to make it stand out and look fashionable! Yellow goes well with: blue teal, purple, white, black, gray, pink, green, and red



This burnt orange FOTOstrap really holds its own! This orange is not too bright or bold, but it’s strong color confidently adds it’s own unique style and feel to an outfit. Sweet Potato goes well with: denim, blue, navy, gray, white, black, yellow, and green


Who doesn’t want an amazing green camera strap? This green seems to give any outfit that extra punch it needs to feel just right. Because it is bright, paring this strap with a beautiful navy is a good way to go. You can also have fun with this green by paring it with a small pop of color on a blouse, perhaps a bit of pink, orange, or yellow. Green goes well with: white, gray, navy, blues, pinks, orange, and creams



This light blue FOTOstrap is another popular favorite. The tone of blue has a very stylish feel to it as it has a very vintage, calming look to it as well as looking very chic. Pair this soft blue with another soft tone and you will have a wonderful combination of color going on. Sky goes well with: gray, white, black, tans, orange, dark blues, pink, and purple






The classic black can be both feminine and masculine, as well as give you that vintage professional look you have been looking for with it’s combination of durable duck fabric and classic brown leather. Dress this color up or down, you can’t go wrong. Black works well with: neutrals, white, gray, pops of colors (we would recommend wearing a lighter color with black as it will stand out more and not fade away into your outfit)



Just like any brown leather bag, this brown leather strap will go with just about anything. This 100% genuine leather strap is the perfect tone as it is not too dark and not too light. Brown leather is a classic and will never going out of style, therefore you will have nothing to worry about when you wear with out and about for years to come as the clothing styles continue to change. Leather goes well with: Anything.






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