Coffee with Creatives: Kaela Williams' Tips on Capturing "The Everyday" with your Kids

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At FOTO, we are committed to helping our fellow creatives flourish. In our Q&A style blog series, Coffee with Creatives, we are highlighting the unique expertise of some of our favorite professionals, sharing tips and information on relevant topics to bring you some practical insight and inspiration for the important work you do.

Today, we are talking with professional lifestyle and family photographer, Kaela Williams, to discuss her passion and gather tips on how to beautifully capture "the everyday" with your kids!

First things first, how do you take your coffee? (And if you are not a coffee drinker, what is your go-to beverage?!)

Kaela: Coffee is a must before I get the kids up. HOT- one stevia, lots of creamer and a scoop of collagen peptide powder (they say it’s good for the skin!).

Coffee with Creatives: Kaela Williams

Tell us a bit about yourself & how you discovered photography.

Kaela: My name is Kaela! I currently live in Louisiana with my husband of 7.5 years and my two sweet babies. I have been in the photography business for over 10 years, but my love for photography all started with my grandma's Polaroid at the age of three. Once I picked that camera up, there was a little fire inside of me that has yet to burn out. My education is rooted in graphic design, but some way or another photography always found it’s way back to me. I was a graphic design intern for a clothing boutique when I was in college, and that job led into fashion photography. I spent many years doing commercial and fashion photography for bloggers and small businesses, but once I became a mom my focus switched gears. After my son was born, I fell in love with capturing all of his tiny and fleeting moments and it really changed my perspective with my photography business. Since then, I have honed in on maternity, newborn and family lifestyle portraits. It has been a blessing!

Coffee with Creatives: Kaela Williams

You've shared that your approach is to capture everyday moments. Why do you think it's so powerful to turn these kind of moments into memories?

Kaela: For me, it’s for my kids to have a tangible image to look back on decades from now. Coming from a hometown that has experienced many floods, hurricanes and loss, it has always been important for me to capture their memories and PRINT THEM to enjoy years from now. There is something so nostalgic about looking through an old box of photos. It takes your mind to that time, the place, smells, and feelings. It’s magical!

Coffee with Creatives: Kaela Williams

What does a lifestyles session look & feel like with you? How do you get your clients to relax & be themselves?

Kaela: We have FUN! Session prep is key for me and my clients. I prep my clients as much as possible before our sessions so that when they show up we are ready to enjoy our hour together. During most sessions we play ring around the rosy, we "tickle, love, hug" as I call it, chase each other, eat snacks, play peek-a-boo..all the fun things! I make it more about the experience and less about the photos. I have found that if you just set the parents up to have fun and love on their babies, it’s so natural and easy for them to just be themselves.

Coffee with Creatives: Kaela Williams

Moments can be fleeting...can you share two or three quick tips for ensuring you get the shot you want?

Kaela: 1 - Lighting! Within an hour of sunrise or sunset (if outdoors) and by a window inside.
2 - Settings! I always have my camera on a pretty basic setting while indoors. {Usually F 2.0, ISO 400, Shutter 1/400 and white balance set to 4800.} That way if I see a memory unfolding, I can grab my camera quick and can tweak those settings.
3- Unrelated to settings, but GET IN THE FRAME! You will never regret having the memory documented with you in it. Self timer always wins!

Coffee with Creatives: Kaela Williams

At your own home with your own kids, how do you document the everyday? Do you have a camera with you all the time?!

Kaela: I usually shoot at home once or twice a week and get all of my ideas documented in those moments. Sometimes I skip a week altogether or shoot more if something unexpected happens. My 9-month-old smiles and coos at the camera, while my (almost) 4 year old runs..unless I offer gummy bears. I really try not to be in their face all day, everyday with the camera because I enjoy our undocumented time together as well. When we do shoot, we make it fun! It is all about the balance!

Coffee with Creatives: Kaela Williams

Tell us about one photo you took of your children that you absolutely love.

Kaela: One of my absolute favorite photos of my kids is them together in our kitchen sink. Their smiles and the authenticity of the moment just shines. They were just splashing and living their best life and there is nothing sweeter than that!

Lastly, what Fotostrap(s) do you wear?

Kaela: I ordered my very first Fotostrap in 2015 and I have been hooked since. I currently wear THE SKINNY- DUTCH.

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