Behind the Scenes: The #Fotostrap Color Library

One of our favorite parts of product research and design for the Fotostrap is our COLOR process. Choosing a color is so much more than thumbing through samples, it is an exceptionally intentional process that we take very seriously.

The Power of Color and What Your Color Says About YOU | FOTO Blog

The Power of Color

Color has the power to affect brand recognition, human emotion, and communication. When you see an orange shoebox, what brand's logo to you expect to see? Does the color red make you feel passionate or calm? When you see a yellow sign ahead on a road, does your foot instinctively shift to your brake pedal? These are indicators of the power of color and how inundated colors have become in our daily lives and actions. Color is one of the first things we are able to recognize and learn as children, it is something that we have a favorite of; and our taste for it guides our decision-making, our nesting, our businesses, and our brands. 

So what?

We understand these powers that colors possess and have chosen shades to resonate with our customers and provide them with the branding power of color for their businesses, as well as options that are just color favorites/mood boosters. 

What does your color say about you?

Column I (Black, Graphite, Stone and Artist): for the professional, the neutral-enthusiast, the poised, the calculated, the fashionable, and the hipsters. These colors are less about brand recognition and more about personality-- they are dependable, functional, practical and flexible.

Column II (Scarlet, Hibiscus, Sweet Potato, Golden, Bagby and Avocado): for the loud, the independent, the passionate, the powerful, and the cheery. These colors represent so much that is warm and full of personality-- they are fun, unapologetic, memorable, and bright.

Column III & IV (Navy, Cobalt, Seaside, Mint, Sky, Merlot, Orchid and Blush): for the calm, the stable, the business driven, the dreamers, and the sweethearts. These colors represent refreshment and dependability-- they are reliable, fresh, inviting and intentional.

Column V (LeopardTitus, and Travis): for the storytellers. These color combinations and patterns tell a story and very quickly communicate something about who you are. The Titus (preppy, vintage and classic), The Travis (patriotic, American and supportive) and The Leopard (spunky, sexy and chic). 

Choose a color and #tellyourstory!

The Fotostrap was created for you (the customer) to have the freedom to #tellyourstory with the option of color and shoulder pad customization. We have hand-selected these options to reflect our customers' broad spectrum of personality/creativity and are overwhelmed by the love you've shown these beauties through reviews and social media #fotospotting's.

Personalized Black Fotostrap | a camera strap from FOTO Personalized Titus Fotostrap | a camera strap from FOTO
Personalized Seaside Fotostrap | a camera strap from FOTO Personalized Scarlet Fotostrap | a camera strap from FOTO

Share your favorite #Fotostrap on Instagram, and tell us how your color helps #tellyourstory!


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