How to choose which Fotostrap camera strap is best for you

It is our mission to equip you with the best of the best in modern camera strap design and utility. To provide for our wide range of customers' needs, we have designed four distinct styles of our Fotostrap: the lux, skinny, classic and designer. Based on your preferred design aesthetics, amount of intended use, and average camera kit weights, we have thoughtfully crafted a camera strap for every kind of photographer and know there is a perfect match for you!

Let's Help You Decide

To help you decipher what you need in a camera strap, and cross reference those needs with what our products offer, we've created this chart so you can discover the best strap for you:

Which Fotostrap is best for me chart

*For more information on camera/strap compatibility visit our FAQ section here.

Still having trouble deciding? Take our quiz:

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