The Big Picture Project: A Fotospotting Feature

One of our greatest joys and overall brand mission is to give back. We love the opportunity we receive to give back every time someone purchases one of our products, and we love the hearts of our customers who joyfully purchase knowing 10% of the proceeds we receive go to Fotolanthropy, a non-profit group of filmmakers and photographers who seek to tell inspiring stories in the face of adverse situations. And we LOVE when we have the opportunity through social media to stay connected to our FOTO family and see what amazing ways they are giving back and changing the world, especially when we see our product on the shoulders of those whose lives they are changing.

One such member of the FOTO fam (who we had the privilege of donating several straps to) is The Big Picture Project (insta: @thebigpicproject) headed by founders Karin Doolin (insta: @tensixteenphoto) and husband Roger Doolin (insta: @rogerdoolin), whose mission is to give a voice to the voiceless in impoverished villages around the world through photography. Their latest trip was to a tribe called Maasai in Kenya, Africa and we have been obsessed with their insta-feed and particularly love the #fotospottings they've shared. 

Maasai #Fotospotting 1

quotes"Our goal is to give these individuals their first opportunity to have their
voices heard by means of photography. To put a camera in their hands and
open up creativity that has never had an opportunity to cultivate.
For the first time, allow them to tell their own story."

Maasai #Fotospotting 2

Their heart:
"We believe that everyone has the right to share their story. By providing individuals who have never touched a camera with the tools to share their perspective by means of photography, they are able to raise awareness and have their voices heard on a global level. At The Big Picture Project, we believe that photography not only unites
the world, but enhances the lives of those living in it."

Their strategy:
Join forces with a charity organization going on a trip, bring easy to use point & shoot cameras to teach the people they are visiting, letting those individuals tell their own story through their own perspective, retrieve those cameras and photographs, share their images on social media and online, and sell prints and image products to then give 100% proceeds to the organizations they partnered with to empower the individuals who participated in the project, give to a needed charity in their community and in turn allowing them to be a part in changing
their own world and circumstances.

Their Kenya project (Project 3):
100% of contributions raised for Project 3 go towards the building
of a school in the vulnerable Maasai community in Kenya Africa.
So far, they have been able to raise 50% of their $30K goal.
To learn more about how you can support this amazing cause, visit
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