Behind the Scenes of Fotostrap featured on FOX Happening Now!

Enjoy a few behind the scenes photos of Founder of Katie Norris on FOX Happening Now with Jenna Lee and Jon Scott.
A few words from Katie about this great experience.

"After four and a half years of dedication to entrepreneurship, being asked to interview on FOX national news for Happening Now's Small Business Spotlight was a big moment for all of us that have been a part of creating Fotolanthropy and Fotostrap. At FOTO, we cherish each small or big victory and that phone call was a big moment for us! Here is a snapshot from Brooke and I's reaction below (ya, we were a little excited)
I was asked to interview in the Small Business Spotlight segment to share the story of Fotolanthropy and our giving based product, the Fotostrap. This shows segment has the goal to share with others how companies have thrived even in this tough economy. Our solution to financially support Fotolanthropy was to create a giving-based product, The Fotostrap. With every purchase, we donate a portion of each sale to Fotolanthropy, which allows our customers not only to look fashionable but turns them into benefactors of the inspiring families of Fotolanthropy. I was honored to be able to speak about our giving-based model we have worked hard to create.
The day of the interview was quite surreal and one I will never forget. After the interview, we celebrated with the crew, family and friends. I would like to encourage you if you are reading and have a stirring in your heart to go for a dream, it is worth it. Entrepreneurship is not always glamorous but its moments like this day that it makes each fight worth it. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me along this journey!" - Katie Norris
Below are the two interview's and some snapshot's from the day
Screen Shots of the Interivew
This was the first picture texted to me from my favorite Hero, SSG Travis Mills watching the interview! Thanks Travis!
Snapshot from the party with our main crew behind Fotolanthropy! 
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