A Creative Fotospotting by @Gracefullytaylored

Today, we bring you one of our favorite recent #Fotospotting picks!  

This creative #Fotospotting was taken by Taylor Jacobs (@gracefullytaylored on Instagram) who runs a fashion and lifestyle blog, Gracefully Taylored.  You can tell she has incredible style by just skimming her blog and can see why her blogging has been a success!  She blogs about fashion, decor, travel, and lifestyle.  Taylor owns a Stone Fotostrap that features her name.  Her name design was done by Alli K Design (@allikdesign on Instagram).  Some of our favorite design files are simple names like this that are hand penned and turned into creative files that can be monogrammed on our shoulder pads.  We applaud Alli K Design for her talented work and love that Taylor decided to monogram her Stone Fotostrap with her custom file!  Looking to do something similar?  You can reach out to Alli K Design to do a custom order for you!  Contact her at allikochdesign@gmail.com.  

We hope you are inspired by this Fotospotting from Taylor to go take your own creative photo of your Fotostrap!  Want to get our attention with your post?  Here's how to get on our radar:

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Follow these steps and your photo just might be featured on our Instagram account!  Plus, you will have a chance of being featured as our favorite Fotospotting post on our blog.  Ready, set, snap & post! 

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