A 10-Year Legacy Continued...

A 10-Year Legacy Continued...


Foto began when our founder, Katie Norris, experienced a life altering photo shoot with a terminally ill infant and his brave parents. Katie quickly realized the power she possessed with storytelling through photography. Fotostrap was born with the heart to continue to make a positive impact in the world by creating products that could do more, give back, and make a difference. We wanted a camera strap that wasn’t about us, but about the person wearing the strap.

Over the years, foto partnered with our sister company, Fotolanthropy, a nonprofit that uses photography and film to share the powerful, uplifting stories of those who have defied great odds. Ten percent of every foto purchase goes to Fotolanthropy, continuing the legacy of bolstering stories of hope and resilience.


Ten years later, we welcome a new steward of foto, Jared Rey Hernandez. Our mission is still the same; to equip and empower photographers through one-of-a-kind products, education, and meaningful connection.

What we wanted to do was take our vision one step further: “to enrich the lives of photographers and inspire them to build successful businesses full of purpose and meaning.”

We understand as a creative artist and storyteller it is easy to get lost in the other aspects of running a business. Getting your name out there, building a recognizable brand, and finding the clients that value your work can be difficult.

It’s important to us to come alongside our customers and champion them through their creative journey. Our products aim to better position photographers to confidently promote their businesses and tell their story with style and authority. We want to help you elevate your brand while having a strap that’s uniquely you.


Our vision for the coming years will be to create a culture of community within foto that will equip and empower and celebrate. Our hope is to provide opportunities to learn from other stories in the business of how they tackle many of life’s obstacles of running a business, fighting burnout and staying true to you. Here’s to many years to come, guiding photographers towards success in business and in life.

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